At DPI, we help businesses leverage technology and maximize efficiency. Our systems and workflow assessments, hands-on training and personalized customer service will help ensure you always get the most out of your I.T. investments.


Education Made Easy

DPI offers a range of hands-on training solutions and content customized to the needs of your business. Developed and led by our dedicated training instructors, our team can help increase software adaptation, minimize risk of malware and hacking attempts, and prevent common frustrations surrounding new technologies.


Built For Your Business

An effective, secure Managed I.T. Service provider isn’t just about having the right credentials and experience, it’s also about establishing a reciprocal, caring relationship between the partners. Our philosophy is that we provide businesses with the technology AND resources they need to keep their business up-and-running. We believe that only through complete transparency, training and organizational teamwork can we provide the best possible technology partnership solutions.

Employee Training Guides

Our team will develop guides and resources that proactively address I.T. issues, reduce cyber-threats and help you prepare for future needs to ensure business continuity.

Video Creation

We develop and produce high-quality video trainings customized to your business needs. i.e. Phishing 101, Reporting a Cyber Crime, Securing Key Accounts and Devices, etc.

Instructor-Led Training

We provide 30-to-60-minute, in-person – or virtual – training sessions for a thorough review of I.T. tools and processes your employees use every day.

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